Email marketing is still very much in play and you can still gain massive benefits from doing it…if you’re doing it right that is.

There are some days where I will get 15+ emails from businesses trying to sell me something related to one thing I bought from them 2 years ago. I delete 99% of them before I even open them.

Using 2 tactics we were able to get a clients open rate to 90% in 2016.

For you email marketers, you understand why that number is as awesome to share as it is. For those who aren’t, many people in 2016 were struggling to even get 30% open rates, so the fact that we were able get 90% of the people on that list to open them, it was a big deal.

1. Be Upfront

What are you going to email them? How often will they be getting it?

Answering these questions upfront will eliminate the concern of being spammed or receiving emails that won’t apply to you. By doing this you are eliminating the users on your list that aren’t going to actually benefit from it and increasing the quality viewers.

It is better for you to have 500 people on a list that averages 90% open rate and an 80% click rate, rather than a list of 5,000 people, but only averages a 12% open rate and has a 0% click rate.

2. Personalized Asking

This goes hand-and-hand with being upfront, by acquiring that email you should be knowing why they are wanting to receiving these emails.

When you create forms that are personalized for each reason someone is coming to it, you are giving them a personalized experience. Doing this also allows you to learn more about that customer and create lists for those who go to each form.

Create a personalized experience for your customers so that they don’t feel like they are just one-of-many, but one-of-a-kind.

Email marketing is still a great way to build relationships and drive up revenue, IF you are doing it properly. The most important thing is to make sure you are providing each person to open it valuable information.

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