In today’s online landscape, Facebook Ads work wonders!

Especially for a SMB trying to connect with a super specific, targeted audience. In fact, we have seen our clients (who are spending $500/month on the low end) gain of 25-30 leads per month using Facebook Ads. As with any good marketing campaign, the success will come down to how good the creative is and if the offer hits the prospect at the right time.

If you’re a somewhat savvy business owner, then you probably understand the massive importance of having a quality online presence and that using social media correctly, will grow your revenue.

While you might “know all of this,” most don’t know how to put everything together to have an optimized web presence.

3 Steps on Getting Started with Facebook Ads - 4 min read

1) Get Super Targeted

Like most online ads, Facebook Ads run on a PPC (pay-per-click) or PPI (pay-per-impression) method. This means that you’re paying for each time someone clicks on your “ad.” Because of that, one thing we always stress is to get super targeted about how you’re trying to reach and craft the offer to that specific audience.

The targeting abilities within Facebook are nothing short of insane. (I’ll save a deep dive into Facebook Ad targeting for a later post)

Example: You’re a country club that is looking to increase your membership. You are trying to attract a younger/millennial audience to join, so this is one way you would want to set up your targeting:

Map Out You Audience

  • Age Demographics: 25 to 55-year-old
  • Gender Demographics: Male
  • Location: Live within 15 miles of your country club
  • Marital Status: Married with children
  • Shown Interest In: Golf, Tennis, and/or Social Events
  • Annual Income: $150,000 + 

Now that you have narrowed down the list to target, if you craft the right offer, in combination with the right creative…this will without a doubt start bringing in more (qualified) leads.

Now let’s move onto step #2…

2) Set a monthly budget

Another common thing we hear all the time:   “We ran a Facebook ad for a week and didn’t see any return…”

Unfortunately, Facebook Ads don’t work that way! (in reality, what advertising/marketing does?)

You have to build consistency and repetition into your ad strategy in order for it to work. According to Sales Force, the average customer needs 7 touch points before making a purchase decision.

  • How do you determine your monthly budget?

Start by determining your (realistic) goal for the number of customers/leads you would like to get monthly.

Let’s say that number is 20. From there, you need to figure out how valuable your average customer is. If you’re making a high margin from when you gain a customer, then you may be able/comfortable spending upwards of $50 per lead.

Now that we have that information, we will take the number of new customers/leads that you want to acquire (the 20 we decided above), and multiply that number by how much you are comfortable spending to acquire that customer ($50 for this example).

With all that, we can see now that for this campaign to accomplish your goal of 20 quality customers/leads, you will need to have a monthly budget of roughly $1,000.

Now the fun part, let’s figure out the creative you are going to be using in the ads!

3) Use Quality Creative

So now that you have your audience targeted well, and you have a safe monthly budget to work with, the final step is the creative that will go with it!

Fact: No size budget will fix bad creative!

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a second.

Like many of us, you probably are spending a few hours a week scrolling through your Facebook feed, right? There is a good chance that you are so used to seeing ads now that you have begun to scroll right past them.

When you do stop at one though, why did you stop? The creative that is attached to it.

What’s going to catch your attention? Something that matches your interest and stands out from the rest of your feed (the creative!).

A look into one of our clients campaigns...


A local gym client of ours in McKinney, TX (shout out FIT SBR – check them out on Facebook to get a sense of quality content is). They are utilizing Facebook Ads to generate more awareness for their brand and bring in new customers by promoting their Bootcamps.

We had them record two quick 30 – 60 second videos (on their iPhone) and shoot over to us. We put a few final touches and edited up the videos and this is what we used for the Facebook Ads. The “test” we wanted to run with them was a normal styled video vs. something kinda whacky. We did one take of the guys dressed up like Hulk Hogan.

Takeaway: Over just a few weeks, we saw a clear indication that the whacky ad reached more people, got more engagements and produced better results. Why? Because it wasn’t just like every other video on Facebook, it was different caught peoples attention.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not telling you to go out and dress up like your favorite WWE wrestler and record some videos to run via Facebook ad! What I am suggesting is to get creative and come up with some attention grabbing content that breaks through the noise and grabs attention!

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