Sales and Marketing teams usually sit on different ends of the office, have different objectives or goals, and have different ways to measuring performance. Its no surprise that there are challenges when trying to enable a sales team. Initiating a smoother partnership can be difficult but ultimately is more than achievable. There are some great techniques to learn and all of them are simple to implement on you and your team.

The purchasing trail has shifted from a marketing-first approach to a buyers-first approach. The buyer controls his or her experience with brands, choosing what content to read or download, and making purchases online. Buyers will research problems they’re experiencing and search for available opportunities. It’s crucial that Marketers create an initial experience for the buyer before passing them along to Sales.

The best way to enable a Sales team is to look at the Sales and Marketing team right in your office.

  1. The concept of inbound marketing mostly applies to B2B brands, but can be seen in B2C transactions. Knowledge of inbound marketing can be utilized to fine-tooth strategy structure. Think of it like this: whenever someone downloads your content from the web, it could become a lead ,to be converted to a customer by your Sales team. More than likely, those leads are downloading the content specifically from your website.

It’s the Sales team who’s closer to ensuring content downloads turn leads into potential customers in B2C inbound marketing. It’s crucial that the Sales team and the Marketing team work together and communicate familiarly, ensure that leads get turned into customers.

  1. Producing content, occasionally, has larger hidden costs that is concealed. Brainstorming during content strategy meetings for hours, may lead to valuable time being wasted. However, sometimes the best blog posts and ideas come from internal resources. By better aligning Marketing and Sales techniques, you could lower hidden costs in content creation.

By creating a two-way street communicative effort between your teams, Marketing benefits from Sales, just as much as Sales benefits from marketing resources. Clearer communication is the best practice for addressing client challenges, creating successful budget alignments and pioneering innovative content voice and copy.



  1. Provide team training
  2. Leveraging technology or systems
  3. Creating better internal creative workflows and processes


  1. The lines between sales, customer service and marketing are blurry. Social listening is crucial and important to have some sort of cross-visibility on external perceptions of your brand. It’s not enough for Marketers to be just the “creative, ideas people.” Marketers must now integrate their tactics and strategy with the Sales team to enable true and loyal leads, to fulfilled customers.
  1. Marketing operations is the final link for closing the loop between marketing and sales. Campaign automation is not the only responsibility of marketing operators. Responsibilities are now bridged between marketing activities and performance insight. By bringing your marketing operations team into the sales environment, your business can close the loop between the content you create and the value it adds to sellers’ activities. Overall, it’s the marketing operations that bring the relationship to a full circle.

It’s always exciting to see collaboration between the different aspects of business, but getting there is half the fun. The quickest wins can easily come from within the organization and consist of marketing and sales being on the same music note. As the years pass, many organizations, small and large, are rethinking performance measurements, analytics and ultimately, becoming more cost efficient.

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