It is a touchy and controversial topic. Do paid ads increase revenue or just leave a bad taste in the consumers mouth?

Many studies have shown that it is true, ads do increase revenue and prove to be a profitable idea. But what separates the profitable and the harmful?

Relevant Ads

55% of people say that a relevant message is a leading factor in them clicking an ad.

Making a point to have targeted ads that are directed towards the clients that you want will play a large role in whether or not you’ll gain interaction. It seems almost obvious, but many companies just post general advertisements without targeting any specific groups. This as a big ad no-no.

Many networks have made it very easy to specify where your ads are going, even your posts in general. For example, Facebook now allows you to enter in your target audience for your posts, so that you are reaching your target audience. Instead of advertising to a general audience, there are ways to break down who sees your ads the most based off of their interests.

You don’t want to be spending money reaching an audience that has no interest in what you’re selling. This goes back to simply knowing your audience, which we talked about here.

Don’t Get Greedy

89% of users prefer ads that lead them to content and/or product rather than links them to a form.

This could be titled as a few things, but “don’t get greedy” seems to cover it all.

Part of it is simply building trust with your users. How many times have you had a popup ad asking you for your email? How many of those times have you actually done it? 90% of people never enter in information after a popup ad asks. Don’t be one of those sites who makes it awkward by always asking for someones info; it’s like the guy that is always asking the girl for her number…it makes everyone uncomfortable.

The other is link direct to what you really want to be seen. Usually with an add, you want a user to see a product you have or recent content you’ve published. Yet, so many times, we are directed to enter in more information about us and many users will just exit the page instead of just the ad. This is that greedy part of the title, if people are actually engaging with your ad, take that as a win and link them to what they want.

Consider Your ROI

Some companies will benefit greatly from running ads, but you have to consider your specific potential return on investment.

For example, using Google Ads may be good for some businesses that are smaller and are involved in a large industry, such as cameras or TV’s. However, for companies like Nike, they may not benefit from a Google Ad since they already are a recognizable athletic company, yet they may still benefit from Facebook Ads.

CBIGG, a country club we have been working with, has seen a huge ROI on the targeted Facebook ads we have run for them. Part of this is the fact that its targeted, but the other part is that we ran trials to see if Facebook ads were worth the investment. They were.


Not all companies will see such a large ROI on Facebook ads, so it is important to run trials and see what will in fact work for you.

So…Yay or Nay to Ads?

It seems that ads do show potential for profit, but it is also clear that they have some room to improve.

I wouldn’t say they are bad to use, but you need to be using them wisely. Making sure you are targeting the right audience and linking them to the right landing pages will make your ads more profitable.

If you are looking to expand your business and make sure you are creating profitable ads, contact us!

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