Call-Only Ad Campaigns

What is a call-only campaign? A call-only ad campaign is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement that runs ONLY on mobile phones.

These ads look something like this:


These ads are a great way to encourage people to call your business, because it doesn’t click through to your website or anything else, it simple calls your listed phone number.

What types of business should be doing these?

Well, this type of ad campaign is perfect for businesses who are looking to generate a massive about of call leads, which is usually what a business who does their job best when speaking directly to someone.

These type of businesses tend to be those who benefit most from an immediate need of the service or product from the consumer. Veterinarians and plumbing services will do well with this type of advertisement campaign. However, usually all small businesses will do pretty well with call-only campaigns because of the ability to talk with a customer directly and answer any of their questions on the spot.

What should my budget be?

Budgets are set the exact same as a PPC system, you can set it up in your Adwords account the same way as normal.

The thing to remember is similar to any PPC campaign you’ve done – the more competitive the industry = higher cost-per-click (CPC). If your industry is an extremely competitive one such as vets, plumbers, or lawyers you may find yourself paying $30+ per click.

However, these clicks are an action, meaning the person on the other end of the phone is probably pretty far down the funnel and is ready to work with you. Simply put, a call in nature is a conversion – a lead, unlike clicks to a landing page which still may not be converting.

What about keywords?

Good question – and an easy answer!

Just like any campaign, you will have to test out multiple options and see how it works, but their are a few combinations that will work best. Here are some for a vet:

Option A: vets near me (keyword + near me)

Option B: vets in McKinney (keyword + city)

Option C: emergency vet clinic (modifier + keyword)

That’s just a few simple ideas on some combinations that you could use, but play around with using different adjectives that would be associated with your keyword.

What do I put for the copy on the ad?

I know, there is no landing page, which means you only have a few words to make your business better than the one above or under you.

Be clear, if you have ever wanted to just yell at someone to call you, now is the time to do it! Get to the point by saying what it is that makes you better than the rest. A vet could say something like:

“Call now for a free checkup” or “Ranked #1 in DFW”

Again, test your options out and see what is working and what isn’t. Run A/B tests and see if a certain one is giving a better conversion rate.

These are just some of the ways that you can begin working call-only ad campaigns into your small business strategies! For help on your marketing, just click here!

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