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COVID-19 has left many clubs scrambling to keep their Members informed about the status of events, health updates, closings and more. Communicate with your Members via text message with easy-to-schedule campaigns and carry out one-on-one conversations 100% FREE


Chat with your Members directly so you can keep them up to date.


Create segments for your Members so they only see information tailored for them.


Create mass campaigns that inform your Members about changes going on at the club.

To-Go Orders

Use ClubChat to send out menus and collect to-go orders!

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"With the COVID-19 pandemic, we're in uncharted territory. It feels like every few hours, there's a new update or guideline, and we need to share those changes with our Members quickly. ClubChat really came at the right time, because it lets us send text messages that we know our Members are seeing. Its been great at helping us collect to-go orders and keeping our Membership up to date with all the changes going on!"

Eldorado Country Club