It’s last call for drinks and you missed the announcement, the firework grand finale ended just as you got outside, that “happy new year” text you sent gave instant feels of shame and regret, and the only midnight canoodling you received… was a punch (or two) right in the kisser.

Oh yeah, 2016 is definitely here and it’s time to get with the program… and trends.

As marketers, advertisers or even spin-doctors, digital trends in 2016 for the industry should be all too common now. So there’s no need to repeat what’s been told before. We know what’s trending, but do we know why? No, not really… and that’s where this blog queues in now.


Why the 2016 digital marketing trends are actually trending this year.


  1. Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing is a strategy targeting mobile users within certain geographical locations. The emergence of handheld/wearable technology devices and the overall integration of em’ in our daily lives, allowed technology to create more retentiveness. Advertisements, via mobile, are more likely to be remembered than advertisements on radio or television. Location Based Marketing tailors toward creating content that’s creative, compelling and retentive, having potential in making mobile web experiences more enjoyable. Smart watches and other similar products open the floodgates for Location Based Marketing to trend in the 2016 digital marketing industry.


  1. Mobile Optimization

Smartphones are the new desktop computers for the world, so the criticality of mobile-friendly aesthetics has drastically increased more than ever for 2016. Websites are expected to resize layouts to fit the width of whatever tablet or phone device used; being completely responsive in layout. Web designs must attract visitors instantly because a majority of users on mobile websites are immediately scrolling through the page amongst first contact with the landing page. Sharable and interactive content on mobile sites will inevitably determine the number of conversions received. People are browsing smarter, not harder; increasing trend speculations of mobile optimization for 2016.


  1. Conversion Tracking

Website traffic data plays a key role in determining how successful conversion rates will be. With an increase of cross-device activity, user-behavior analysis are more difficult to determine, making traffic and tracking segmentation more critical this year. Someone can now have web behavior on a mobile device that isn’t inconsistent with the behavior he or she displays on a tablet or smart watch. Conversion Rate Optimization isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a webmasters greatest advantage to increasing conversions from site visitors. Conversion Tracking is crucial in 2016 and Google Analytics is the perfect tool to keep us all trendy with digital marketing this year. Check out Ironistic for top-tier tips on Conversion Rate Optimization.


  1. Real-Time Marketing

Despite all the speculations, real-time marketing is becoming the future. Pre-scheduled content is soon to be obsolete and “living in the moment” will become a highly sought out marketing strategy. Images and video face expiration dates and continuously will require ‘real-time’ aesthetics included within all its content. Time-based content is a great marketing opportunity, and the Snapchat Stories and the Twitter Moments data analytics and successfulness would agree. Social media is not dead, nor is it dying or even close. User-behavior on social media determines trend criticality in real life and for 2016… the tribe has spoken.


  1. Video

Video wasn’t charged with manslaughter or murder in the 3rd degree when radio was killed. Moving images are re-introducing themselves in 2016 because of the millennial and younger generations seemingly have shorter attention spans. With content being hyper-consumed and saturated to the max, it’s comparable to clearance shopping: everything is picked over and quickly ran through. In order for marketers and advertisers to generate sales, any content piece published has to be better than its competitors. The idea is: less words used, the better. Eliminate all words, replace it with images and video; well now you’re at the top of the game. Text copy is becoming more obsolete as 2016 rolls by, be sure to consider video in your content.

It might not be your day, but it’s going to be your year. If you didn’t bring in the New Year as planned, don’t worry, you’ve 330-something days to make up for it. Like the digital marketing trends of 2016, it’s not late to change the program or make altercations to a plan.


When 2016 slides further down the year, how ready will you be?

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