Small Business Fundamentals™ is the secret that every SMB owner needs to have on their side to know their marketing is being taken care of. We provide what your business needs to find, keep, and grow your customer list—all in one integrated package that is being handled by small business experts. Everything is set up for you and explained for you to know what is going on without the concern of something being missed. Save money and gain customers by worrying less about digital marketing and letting us get it done for you. It is simple, effective, and being taken by people who care about your business success just as much as you.

Web Presence

Your website is who you are seen as, we make sure you are seen as the best you as possible.

We provide you a responsive, personalized website that is focused on generating your business more leads, helping you drive revenue.

Personalized Website Design

If your current website isn’t dynamic and doesn’t provide personalized content based on the visitor… you’re behind the times. Consumers expect a personalized web experience.  Our web solutions are built with personalization and your customers in mind.

Mobile First

Today, more people are browsing from their mobile device than ever before. It’s super important to design your business website to be mobile first. Doing this provides a better user experience for the visitor and gets you ranked higher in search engines.

In general, when someone is searching for your site via mobile, they are looking for key pieces of information to make a decision.

Local Search Placement

We put your business where your customers are spending time

It’s more than just being everywhere, it is being exactly where your customers are looking for you.

Search engines like Google are helping small businesses break through the noise by showing extra attention to their rankings for certain keywords. However it is more important now than ever before to have more than just a normal SEO plan, it comes down to making sure all your information is filled out properly across all of the internet.

It can be hard to make sure your information is accurately being shown, which is why we designed The Range to show your information all in one area that makes it easier than ever to see how your showing on the search engines that matter most to you.

Maps, it is more than just directions

Your information is being shown all over the internet and all that information will effect your ranking.

We show you your rankings and business information all in The Range so you can make sure when someone searches certain keywords, search engines are able to recognize your location and that you are a small business to make sure you are being shown ahead of big-box competitors.

An all-around SEO platform

Small Business Fundamentals™ is more than just some of the strategies that we take care of for you, it is what allows you to monitor your business using The Range.

You are able to monitor and respond to your reviews on any service with the click of the button and see your businesses information on any search engine to make sure it is accurate. If not, we fix it for you!

Social Media

It isn’t just an app, it is the state of the internet…the focus of your customers

We help you strategize how you can best reach your customers and easily attract new ones.

Social media simply is not just a place to gossip, it is where customers are leaving reviews, sharing their locations, and posting about what they just bought and where it is from.

We help you strategize the best way to be utilizing your social media accounts by sitting down and looking at who your target audience is, where they are spending their time, and how you can reach them.

Branding on social media is just as important as anywhere else, which is why we can create your new profile picture or cover photo as soon as you want to make sure your new strategy is being accepted as best as possible!

Reviews Monitoring

It is easy to receive, review, and respond to the things that influence your new customers most

79% of consumers are looking up a business before they even step in the door to see how people are reviewing them.

Long Drive Agency makes it easy to monitor the reviews people are leaving and even easier to respond to a review with The Range; an all-in-one dashboard allowing quick access to your reviews to ensure you are being shown as the best business around.

Email Marketing

An effective way to contact your customers without intruding their space

Emails are a great way for you to reach out to your customers with content that matters, and a great way to not over do it with communication by allowing them to look at it in their own time.

Long Drive Agency and The Range makes it easier than ever to create beautifully designed emails and contact your customers with information that matters to them. Send reminders, thank you notes, newsletter, or sales to your customer list – right from The Range!

Work Smarter – Not Harder

Access all your SMB Fundamentals in one click

You have enough going in in the day-to-day of running your business that marketing should not take up any time you already don’t have. Which is why we created The Range; your one click dashboard that allows you to access all your Small Business Fundamentals to make digital marketing easier than ever.

Accessing, viewing, and editing your website has never been easier to do. The Range gives you the ability to click one button and add or remove any content you want!

Managing your reputation is made simple with The Range by giving you the ability to see all your reviews in one section while allowing quick responses to any review that has been left to make sure no one leaves unhappy!

Show up where it matters is easy when you can access it within your dashboard! Easily click in to your Local SEO management section to make sure your information is accurate everywhere it is being shown and that it is being shown where it should be!

Lastly, connecting with customers is no longer coming with the fear of stepping into their personal time or space! With The Range’s email marketing you can send what matters, to who it matters, and let them see it when they have time!

Customer Service

We have the same passion as you…to grow your business!

You have questions, and we have answers!

Don’t go a day contemplating about something you could simply ask about by utilizing your Small Business Fundamentals™. We are here to answer all your marketing questions, which is why we built in an easy to use ticketing system within The Range.

Need some content added to your site? Need your site updated with upcoming events? No biggie, just fill out a ticket and within 48 hours we respond with an update on your question or request!

Finally, to make sure you are getting out of this relationship want you expected, you have the ability to schedule quarterly meetings with our Founder, Blake Davis, to go over how the Small Business Fundamentals™ has played a part in your business and any other marketing questions/concerns!