We’re excited to officially announce the Long Drive Agency partnership with Northern Texas PGA (NTPGA) for marketing and creative strategy.

On Friday, February 15th, 2019 Long Drive Agency launched one of the most significant projects the agency has been a part of, to date; the redesigned NTPGA.com and the launch of the newly named Northern Texas PGA Foundation (formerly known as the NTPGA Junior Golf Foundation).

We wanted to create this blog to give more insight into the strategy, development, and execution of how the partnership with Northern Texas PGA came together.

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The Northern Texas PGA Section has been in the headlines frequently over the last several months following the announcement that The PGA of America is moving its headquarters from Palm Beach, Florida to Frisco, Texas.

The NTPGA wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to continue furthering their mission of serving PGA members and growing the game of golf through the expansion of the NTPGA’s charitable arm.

The first step in accomplishing their goal was through their decision to rename the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation to the Northern Texas PGA Foundation and launching a new website for the NTPGA Foundation.

The renaming comes as the NTPGA Section is expanding its Foundation programs beyond just junior golf. The five pillars of the Northern Texas PGA Foundation will now include – junior golf, college scholarships, fellowships, inclusion, and military & veterans.

The new NTPGA Foundation website was designed with the intention to be a resource for those seeking additional information about how they can engage with or give back to, the Northern Texas PGA Foundation. The unique, modern-designed website is also intended to reflect that although the original NTPGA Junior Golf Foundation was founded in 1983, its mission remains the same – to positively impact lives and communities through golf.

Long Drive Agency, as a full-service marketing agency, intends to provide the Northern Texas PGA with much more than just the redesigned NTPGA.com website and the launch of the renamed NTPGA Foundation website.

We have the intention to continue working alongside the team at the Northern Texas PGA and supporting their mission through the collaboration of marketing strategies and integrations with our industry-leading software, Digital Range.

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What the Long Drive Agency Partnership with Northern Texas PGA Means

Mark Harrison, the Executive Director/CEO of the Northern Texas PGA said: “Overall, our organization needed a better online presence and strategy.”

The NTPGA didn’t just want a new website; they needed to create a more modern and unique digital experience and a technology-stack that would continue to grow and adapt to their needs and allow them to stay ahead of the curve as technology advances.

One of the many approaches we’ve taken to help implement better technology that allows for automation and optimization is by providing access to our easy-to-use website management software, and an enhanced overall mobile experience. The back-end of the new NTPGA and NTPGA Foundation website, Range WEBSITE, sets the foundation for the future of the partnership between Long Drive Agency and the NTPGA.

With the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s imperative that organizations use the best tools and technology for growth and efficiency.

Long Drive Agency will continue to work with the team at the Northern Texas PGA Section to create and implement marketing strategies and the creative direction needed to ensure continuous enhancements across the NTPGAs online presence.

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Kicking Off the LDA and NTPGA Partnership

The Long Drive Agency Partnership with Northern Texas PGA kicked off with the launch of the new, redesigned NTPGA.com and new, renamed NTPGA Foundation website. Although the websites both launched on February 15th, 2019 the strategy, design, and collaboration between LDA and NTPGA has been ongoing since late 2018.

To help announce the launch of the new websites, Long Drive Agency worked with NTPGA to create a multi-day social media campaign.

In coordination with Molly Rawlins, the Director of Communications & Marketing for the Northern Texas PGA, we created a 5-day strategy to build anticipation and spark conversation around the launch of the websites using the campaign hashtag – #GrowingTheGame.

The campaign hashtag was simple, yet powerful. We wanted to ensure no confusion around the goal of the new websites, or the mission of the Northern Texas PGA, to serve PGA members and grow the game.

The hashtag also expresses the long-term commitment of that very mission and the NTPGAs ongoing innovations to serve its members.

The social media campaign consisted of 24 pieces of unique creative, both image and video content that was shared across the NTPGA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

The 5-day campaign gained a total of 27,769 impressions and 51 new followers, all through a 100% organic campaign with no paid advertising.

Within the first three days of launching the new NTPGA and NTPGA Foundation websites, we saw a 170.48% increase in their website page views.

Long Drive Agency, along with the team at the Northern Texas PGA see the campaign as a complete success and were very satisfied with the results that were gained through the organic-only social media campaign.

Long Drive Agency, NTPGA Partnership Quote Molly Rawlins

What’s Next for Long Drive Agency and NTPGA

The Long Drive Agency partnership with Northern Texas PGA is just getting started; throughout the multi-year partnership, we will be joining the NTPGAs efforts to serve PGA members and grow the game.

Through innovative experiences, creative approaches, and strategic marketing we look forward to helping the Northern Texas PGA Section make lasting impacts throughout the PGA and the entire golf community.

Click here for the official announcement by the Northern Texas PGA.

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