Small Business Saturday tends to get lost within the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but that doesn’t make it any less important of a day.

Small Businesses play a key role in the local economy and are a way for entrepreneurs to grow with the support of the local community. As a company that works extremely closely with small businesses, and many of us are personally invested in some, we are able to see the day-in and day-out work these owners do.

Here are some reasons why you should be supporting local businesses this Saturday (and always).

Supporting Your City

When you spend that money at a local business, you are keeping the money local. You are helping your cities economy grow and breakthrough the barriers of regulations and taxes.

When you support the chain stores, your hard earned denaro is lining the pockets of corporate executives . Yes, your state will gain from the taxes that are on the goods and possibly even the real estate, but that’s it. There is no motivation for the city to back new developments when it get’s no money back.

However, when small businesses are able to grow and they become a bigger part of the economy, there is more reason for cities to back their local shops and assist them when it comes time to grow.

Decrease Local Unemployment

A small business that is able to expand will allow for the local unemployment rate to decrease. We are no longer outsourcing jobs that are needed here, instead we are allowing the locals to be involved with their community.

Not only are you keeping taxes local, you’re keeping jobs local. When you support that local business, you are doing something even the government struggles to do; keep jobs here.

You’re Helping Put Food On A Families Table

shop-small-signThis picture symbolizes everything that promoting small businesses stand for.

When you pay that extra $1.50 at your local farmers market, or the extra $5 for your haircut at a local barber shop, the owners aren’t just taking your money and running to buy a new car or building their next house. They are paying to feed their families, they are paying for a tutor for their son or daughter, they are saving for their kids to have a good life.

One of the coolest things that I’ve experienced is seeing the family that is behind the business. Seeing the kids laughing and smiling with their dad who work 60+ hour weeks to keep his business going. Or the mom who spends every night crunching numbers for her shop, while her kids are studying. That’s the real meaning behind shopping at your local shops and paying a little more for your cities economy to strive. Thats supporting local.

So, before you head back to the big box, chain store, think about who you are supporting; and who you want to be supporting. I pledge to support local everyday, not just one day, do you?


Blake Davis

Blake Davis

CEO/Founder of Long Drive Agency

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