Small Business Marketing on a Small Budget

A common misconception is that your marketing budget has to be huge for it to be effective, but that simply isn’t the case. We understand that as a small business, it can be hard to find much of a budget to spend on marketing, but there are some very effective tactics you can put in place that don’t require a large budget!

Below are some of the most effective marketing strategies we have found for a small business that’s on a budget!

Your Content

You may have heard the saying “content is king” before, and it would make sense if you have! This is possibly the most important thing to be keeping mind when thinking about anything marketing.

No size budget will make up for bad content. Period.

Content marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy and can often be done in house. I really am against the term “content marketer” because to me, that person is simply supposed to be telling your story. The best content is real content, the type of stuff that comes in house and actually offers the person viewing it an inside look at why your business is as awesome as you say it is.

A survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2016 said that 86% of B2B marketers, and 77% of B2c marketers, use content marketing to promote their business. I would expect to see this number drastically increase in the coming years as it becomes a more and more important factor in separating one business from another.

The best way to sum this tactic up is by saying it like it is – you should be telling your story in the form of content you are good at creating (video, blogs, podcasts), that your consumers will enjoy, then distributing that content to where your consumers attention is.

Educate First!

Our timelines are now being filled with what is now considered as junk posts (sound like something else that automatically gets overlooked?), so you need to be different. These “junk posts” are the traditional here’s my product, here’s the price of my product, come buy my product posts from businesses. It’s time to change that up.

KS WoodCraft has done a great job by producing videos that inform people about their product, the process that goes into their product, and why their product is different. It isn’t just about trying to gain a sale, but about building relationships; people are much more likely to buy from a friend than from a stranger.

This doesn’t have to be super serious though, it can be entertaining and fun as well!

A well known company for putting out videos that grab the viewers attention and are extremely entertaining is Dollar Shave Club. They spent roughly $4,500 on a video ad that played on YouTube, which I know is more than most people have to spend on a video, but they were able to then raise nearly $11 million in financing. They also gained 76,000 Facebook fans and 23,000 Twitter followers – leading to 12,000 new customers. $4,500 well spent, huh?

You Have Customers, Use Them!

This is often overlooked for no good reason, but is also an amazingly easy way to gain some attention from customers!

More than likely, you have collected some emails, right? Well, now utilize those lists and begin sending some compelling emails to get those previous customers back in the store!

The thing to keep in mind for your emails, is the same as any content you are posting, don’t just feature your items!! Educate the customers about new products you got in, new technology, and industry insights! Email is a hard thing to do well because of all the “buy me, check me out, buy this” that consumers get on a daily basis, so if you are fortunate to get someone to open your email – DON’T RUIN IT!

For some more email campaign help, check out this article from Entrepreneur that explains some of the best ways to create an email marketing strategy!

Get Help

The last thing I want to at least bring up, is looking into some outside help.

There are agencies out there that specialize in helping small businesses (like this one), that offer low monthly costs that still give you a custom strategy and will help you grow your business using strategies that have been proven with other small businesses.

We also have our weekly Facebook tips that are tactics that you can go and use right away! Check our latest one out:

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