Home-Service Business?

Make Sure You’re Doing This!

Two of the most simple, yet effective forms of advertising for home services business are putting a company sign in your customer’s yard while you’re doing work on their residence and asking for the customer to leave you a review online!!

Why is a company yard sign so powerful?

  • Because it (subliminally) builds brand trust!
    • Example: Let’s say you’re getting hardwood floors put down in your house. If the local flooring company you hired were smart, they would use the 2 – 3 days that it takes to complete a job to advertise their business to all your neighbors and people that drive by your house. Chances are, your neighbor Becky walks her dog right past your house every evening and may be in need of some new carpet in the next few months. Maybe your old, annoying neighbor Cliff, the one that drives a loud truck past your house in the morning could be ready to install some new hardwoods of his own.
      • Point being, there is a lot of traffic by customers houses on a daily basis. Use that time to build brand trust in that neighborhood!

Strategy to get your customers to leave you more reviews:

Leave them a handout when you complete the job & follow up with a customer thank-you email!

As a small business owner, you need to be aggressive about getting (good) customer reviews! These help your rankings in the Search Engines, and they are almost always looked at by potential customers who are doing their research online. Make it a goal in 2018 to get 3X the customer reviews that you got this year! If you follow this advice, we can certainly help you achieve that!

What’s needed to make this happen?  Two things:

  • A little card that you leave behind for all of your customers! If you’re a client of ours, we can help you design one and get it printed!
  • Sending a follow-up email 3 – 5 days after you’ve completed the job for the customer! Now… I know what you’re thinking! “But Blake… I just don’t have the time to send each customer an email asking for a review!”  Trust me, I get it! Small business owners are extremely busy and sometimes there just not enough time in the day.  One way to automate this process is by setting your business up with email automations! Email automations can be used in hundreds of different ways, but in the use case for getting more reviews, you could set up an automation to send out to all customers once their job is completed with a nice thank you message and giving them the links to leave you a review! This saves TONS of time and is something your business should be using in 2018!

Sometimes in small business marketing, it is doing the little things correctly and consistently that bring back the best return!

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