In many industries, networking plays the largest role in the success of a company. Many of us have lists we have built from email newsletters or just people we’ve met. However, many fail to use their lists to their maximum potential.

With holiday season here in full swing, it is imperative to many business to be reaching the right audience; and there is no better audience than the one that has already shown interest. In this article we will go step-by-step on setting up and utilizing your lists.


The first component of utilizing your contacts is making sure the contacts you have are up to date. 30% of subscribers update their email addresses annually, so even though you may have emails for many of your contacts, there is a good chance they aren’t receiving your emails. Take the time to reach out to those on your list to make sure the contact info you have is accurate. You can do this one to two times a year by simply re-asking what the best email for them is.

Organize & Target

Now that you have your lists, it’s time to break them down. Email newsletters have became so bland and un-personalized that customers feel less and less important to customers.

Go through and create 2-3 sublists. Let’s say you sell sports apparel and have gained a long list of contacts, more than likely not all of them will have interest in the same sport. So, when you retain their email, ask them what they want to know about and/or what sport they like the best. Use this information to make new lists around each sport, now you are personalizing emails in an easy manner and maximizing your reach.

It will also allow you to send specific discounts on items to the ideal audience. You are no longer sending football jersey sales to someone who only plays or watches golf. Similar to running ads, having a targeted audience when sending an email will increase your open rate.

Encourage Action

Many people don’t even open subscription emails, and those who do rarely act upon them. Even though you have put in the work to get an effective list and organized them to be more efficiently ran, you now need to focus on the ROI of them.

Getting people to engage via email can be hard, and sometimes you may not need them to, but many companies can benefit from a push to act over email newsletters.

Something as simple as “Show this email for 10% off” can help increase foot traffic and grow revenue. You are already putting in the work to send the email, and you have done the work to make sure your lists are updated with only the contacts that are interested, so now encourage action.

People see sales all the time over email, but use this as an added benefit to your subscribers. There are a lot of businesses using email marketing, so if you have customers reading yours, reward them. This will also allow you to see the real analytics of your emails by seeing how many people come in that read them. Also, don’t be afraid to ask customers what they think of your emails, get feedback and adjust to it.

Make It Unique

Considering “unique” is said so much in marketing, hopefully you are taking notes of how to do it. Email marketing is no different…

My favorite email I receive is from Chubbies. It is honestly the only email newsletter I don’t mind reading even if I am not buying. From the subject line to the content, they stand out.


They give a clean look, it doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary text, and man…those shorts…

Even their subject lines stand out. I’m not sure I’d recommend changing the “from” line, but I sure did open the email from The Gov quickly.

Some emails simply can’t be this style, but it is important to keep a unique design to them. If you can make a point to get your viewers involved with and excited about your content, you are doing something right.


You have 24 hours a day to network, build contacts, increase revenue, and smile. Don’t spend time on something that you can automate and schedule weeks in advance. In todays world, society is all about saving time and finding ways to cut back time at work while still, simply put, making money. Using automation services for sending email newsletters can help save you time while still staying relevant to customers.

Services like MailChimp and RightInbox allow you to schedule email and setup reoccurring emails to save you time. MailChimp also offers many template designs to actually create your perfect email.

If this post has you thinking that it may be time to focus on your email marketing campaigns, contact us to see what we can do to help.

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