When you first step into the online marketing world, you will quickly find yourself bombarded by acronyms. From tracking ROI, knowing the difference between B2B and B2C transactions, and implementing A/B testing, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you are struggling to learn these acronyms and understand their importance.

While there are many acronyms that you should understand and put into practice, SEO is one of the most commonly used and most important terms you need to know.

This guide will help you understand exactly what SEO means as well as how you can use it to help your business succeed.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process by which companies ensure search engines prioritize their website or webpage within its organic, unpaid search results. Search engines crawl websites in order to view and store the website’s content, and then they use an algorithm to decide the usefulness of that website’s content. This determines where the website will rank on the results page.

Because search engines want to provide the most valuable and useful information for their users at the top of their results page, businesses need to optimize their websites and improve their SEO so that their websites appear higher on the results list than the sites of their competitors.

Why Improve SEO?

Improving your search engine optimization is important because it will significantly impact your profitability. SEO can be as much as 300% more effective for driving traffic to your website than social media, and between 20-25% of organic traffic converts to a lead. If you are not focusing on boosting your SEO, you are missing out on a major source of website traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

How to Improve Your SEO?

If you want to join the 61% of marketers that are making SEO improvement their top marketing priority, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help increase your visibility and your ranking:

Provide Relevant Content

If you want search engines to consider your content useful, you need to provide content that is valuable for your customers. You want your website to be as relevant as possible to the keywords that your target audience is using in search engine requests.

Find out the keywords and ideas your customers are searching, and make sure you include those words several times within your website. Make sure that you mention your keyword in the title of your webpage, the URL, and within the first few words of your webpage. This will let search engines know that your website has relevant information about that keyword, which will keep your ranking high.

In addition to helping search engines rank your page, providing relevant content will help your customers find your website useful. This increases the likelihood that they will visit your website often, and it will draw new visitors to your website. The more visits your website has, the higher it will rank on a search engine results page.

Increase Your Crawability

There are a few technical steps you can take in order to make sure your website is crawlable and will be indexed and categorized properly. As mentioned before, search engines crawl your website to see how relevant your content is and to store your content in their index. If your website is not crawlable, then you will not be ranked highly because search engines will not know how to determine the value or usefulness of your content.

Our Websites are Built With SEO in Mind

Using our Digital Range software, we completely rebuild your website while implementing several tools that help boost your SEO. All of our website’s pages automatically generate sitemaps that notify search engines where to crawl your site. Additionally, we’re given the ability to create custom URLs for any site’s page again providing the search engines with as much easy to find information as possible. And finally, how could I talk about website building without mentioning the importance of a great mobile site? Digital Range automatically optimizes all images for better compatibility with mobile devices, by doing so your site will be ranked higher by Google and will exceed their standards for mobile-friendliness.

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