If you want to improve the profitability of your golf course or country club without spending an astronomical amount of money on the front end, there are a few easy steps you can take. If you are not retaining customers or struggling to get new customers in the door; offering bundled services, incentive/loyalty programs, and branded merchandise are simple ways you can solve these problems and increase your revenue.

Here are 4 ways in which you can incorporate these revenue increasing methods with your golf course or country club:

1. Product and Service Bundles

Create bundles for your customers that will encourage them to visit your club or Pro Shop and make more purchases. Do you have customers that enjoy golfing, but do not want to pay the price for a full membership to your country club? Offer a cheaper membership tier that offers them discounted round or equipment rental rates if they sign up for a year, or create bundles that offer them discounts on golf equipment if they purchase a certain amount of rounds. Make it easy for people who do not want to purchase a membership to have options that will keep them coming to your business. Southwyck Golf Club makes sure they regularly advertise their promo nights by offering their customers’ bundle packages that help promote other wise slow nights and turn them into a popular events. 

2. Incentive Programs

Everyone likes receiving free or discounted items. An incentive program is a great way to show your club’s generosity, build a positive reputation for your brand, and increase your member loyalty. An incentive program keeps customers eager to return to your brand or make specific decisions in order to receive rewards.

While point-based incentive programs, where people earn points for every dollar they spend, are popular and effective, there are many other incentives that can set you apart from competing golf courses and businesses. Try offering exclusive opportunities for people who visit your golf course a certain number of times per month or for people who renew their membership to your country club.

Unlike loyalty programs, incentive programs are a marketing tool, and they should be used to encourage customers to return to your business or take an actionable step that will boost your revenue. Try rewarding your customers for sharing about your business on social media or for writing a Google review about your company. This advertising will help draw in new customers, which will also increase your revenue.

3. Loyalty Programs

Improving member loyalty has been shown to boost revenue. A 5% increase in member retention can increase your profitability by 75%, and loyal members  spend more than new members. Create a loyalty program to help your customers and members choose your business over your competitors and make sure your existing customers are satisfied and more likely to return.

In order to increase your member loyalty effectively, the program you develop needs to provide your customers experiences or opportunities they would not have access to otherwise. If your loyalty program consists of an easy-to-lose punch card for a small discount, you are not maximizing your potential to build customer loyalty. Your loyalty program should make it so convenient and rewarding to work with your brand that other brands lose their appeal.

For instance, you could create a mobile app for your golf course. On the app, users will not only be able to earn points or rewards for their visits or purchases, but they will also be able to sign into the app to reserve tee times, keep track of their score, view rewards and discounts, and sign up for tournaments and other events. A program like this will make it more convenient for your customers to visit your course than to visit other golf courses, which will increase your revenue.

4. Merchandise

One of the easiest ways to directly increase your revenue, improve your customer loyalty, and gain new customers is to sell branded merchandise. Create golf shirts, umbrellas, hats, and visors that bear your brand’s logo, and have fun with the logo and overall design. Designing merchandise that breaks the mold and offers a more modern and trendy look that will allow your members to rep your brand regardless of the circumstance. Be sure to give your customers the option to purchase these items at your golf course or online, which will bring you another source of revenue.

You could also incorporate free or discounted merchandise into an incentive program, which will encourage your customers to make visits and purchases. Customers who wear your merchandise are likely to feel more connected with your company, helping them to become repeat and lifelong customers.

An added benefit to creating merchandise with your logo is that your brand is being advertised whenever your customers wear your clothing or use your branded products. Designing and selling merchandise can increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and profitability.

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