In an effort to highlight the amazing ways our clients take advantage of the tools and services we at Long Drive Agency provide, we are starting a client spotlight feature to give credit where credit is due.

Willow Fork Country Club is a private club located in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston) with whom we’ve been partnered with since early 2018. Willow Fork prides themselves in being a member-focused and family-friendly club. While bright smiling faces paired with unmatched facilities and service makes achieving those goals easy in person, making sure that level of service is matched on the digital front can present different challenges.

I spoke with Maura Rowell, Willow Fork’s Member Relations Director, to learn more about how LDA and Digital Range helped them achieve their goals in regards to their social media/digital presence.

With help from Range Social, Willow Fork has been able to streamline communication with their members through social media while simultaneously reaching a wider range of demographics within their membership. Willow Fork stays very active on both Instagram and Facebook as they see the value behind diversifying their social presence and keeping their brand in the minds of their followers, regardless of age. 

It only takes a few seconds of scrolling through Willow Fork’s social wall to see how often they host special events and outings for their members. Successful events like these don’t just happen without a considerable amount of promotion in the weeks leading up to the matter.

Through the use of Range Forms and Range Emails, Willow Fork is able to promote and book all of their events. With over 90% of their reservations coming in through online forms, their integration of LDA’s Digital Range software has been a tremendous success.

While Willow Fork truly does take advantage of the full list of benefits that come with the use of Digital Range; what stood out to me most is their ability to let their personality resonate through their use of social media. From showcasing their fun events to giving behind the scenes looks, their videos humanize their brand.

This was only enforced further after speaking with Ms. Rowell as she mentioned that they like to post from a “wish you were here” perspective rather than “wish you had been there”. This mentality is best highlighted through their use of Instagram stories, simply posting stories of the festivities as they happen lets the viewer see the fun live rather than being told about it after the fact.

Regardless of how you look at it, Willow Fork does a fantastic job of incorporating Digital Range into their marketing strategy and exemplifying what we at Long Drive love to see.

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