We’re hard at work developing a brand new tool that allows Country Clubs to create a new revenue stream for events, get Club visitors/ Members to share user-generated content via their social profiles and collect a list of new membership leads…

Launched in late 2019, ClubBooth is the first (and only) photo booth app created strictly for country clubs and golf courses. The innovative and easy-to-use marketing tool we’re developing is very easy to set up and even easier to use!

How does ClubBooth work?

When your club gets started with the ClubBooth solution, you Club receives the photo booth stand, iPad, and access to the app that you keep at your country club or golf course to rent out to events hosted at your club.

When someone walks up to the iPad they’ll see an easy-to-use interface where they can decide if they’d like to take a photo, video, or a GIF. Once they capture their media they can text or email it to themselves by providing their contact information. When you create a new event in the admin dashboard you can even specify if you’d like to collect membership status’ when someone is sharing their media – a great way to collect potential membership leads!

In the admin dashboard, you’ll be greeted to the same easy-to-use user-friendly interface, which is accessible from right inside your Digital Range dashboard. That means if you’re using one of the other Digital Range features, such as Range FORMS or Range SOCIAL, you can access all of your favorite marketing tools from one place!

The admin dashboard is also where you can easily create and manage your events, frames, and data that has been collected for your country club or golf courses events. You can also download the data that has been collected and easily import that file into your email marketing software or other CRM.


Once you’ve created the event and customized the settings for that event you can activate it (or any other events your club has created previously) and the activated event frame will automatically update on the iPad app! People can begin using the app, snapping pictures, videos, and GIFs and sharing them with themselves via text message or email.

Creating a new event takes a matter of seconds!

ClubBooth Basic Revenue Breakdown

Just one of the benefits that ClubBooth offers is an effortless revenue stream, so let’s breakdown how you can start increasing your clubs revenue!

  • Let’s assume your club rents ClubBooth for 10 – 15 events per month
  • At an average hourly rental rate between $175 – $250 with a 2hr minimum
  • You’ll collect between $3,500 – $5,500 in monthly recurring revenue

In addition to the added revenue, you’ll leave your guest with a fun social media worthy image that promotes your venue and reminds your guests of the fun they had while they were there.

Contact us today to get on the early waitlist to be the first to know when Range BOOTH is available and follow us to stay updated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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