You’re protective of your cell phone number. While you’ve likely sacrificed your email address for “10% off” or “free shipping” promo codes on one too many websites, you’ve probably hesitated to share your mobile phone number with even your coworkers.

But why?

Cell phones are extensions of ourselves, and when you share your cell phone number, you provide them with access to you at any time, anywhere.

Text Message Marketing is part of the new wave of digital marketing, and we are here for it. We even made our own tool (ClubChat – Check it out here) to connect Clubs and Courses to their Members through text.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and that’s why we’re sharing our Do’s and Don’ts for Text Message Marketing Best Practices. 

1. Text as you would like to be texted

Don’t: Send messages that require more than 140 characters.

 If you can’t find a logical way to send your message without sharing a paragraph, it’s time to send an email. 

Do: Write texts that include necessary information, like date, time, place, and cost. 

Don’t: Send multiple messages at one time.

Do: Write a draft of your text before sending it. Like emails, your mass texts should be reviewed for readability, understanding, and grammatical errors. 

2. Cater to your Audience

Don’t: Send information that only affects a small group to your full Membership.

Do: Create segmented lists based on interests or involvement to ensure that Members only receive information relevant to them.

  • ClubChat allows your Members to choose the content they want to receive information about Subscriptions. 

Don’t: Use trendy text jargon or abbreviations in your messages.

Do: Utilize universal abbreviations, such as “am” or “pm” or “M-F” for simplification.

Don’t: Become too casual in your communication because it’s via text.

Do: Maintain the same level of professionalism and respect that you use in the Clubhouse and via other communication.

3. Provide excellent service via text

Don’t: Leave messages unread or without a response for too long.

Do: Create a set schedule for reading and responding to texts from Members. Be sure to inform Members of this schedule to avoid confusion or anger.

Don’t: Attempt to carry out complex conversations over text.

Do: Start a phone call if questions or answers require extensive explanation.

Don’t: Send messages early in the morning or very late at night.

Do: Set appropriate hours of communication for courteous communication.

4. Only text Members who have opted in

Don’t: Purchase or use lists of phone numbers of people who have not given explicit consent for your messages.

Do: Encourage Members to opt-in for your text messages.

Don’t: Send messages to Members who have opted-out of your texts.

Do: Assess why someone may want to stop receiving texts and find ways to address their concerns if possible.

So, what do you think? Would you give your number to someone who was following these guidelines?

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Logan B.

Logan B.

Content Marketing, Long Drive Agency

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