An over-stated stat club managers should already know in a 2018 world is individuals (both young and old) are spending multiple hours every day browsing their social media profiles, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching video content.

Our way of consuming media has shifted to our mobile devices.

Ask yourself… how often do you see members around the club with their heads buried in their phone?

Most of us would say pretty damn often.

With this in mind, you should be asking yourself… “How can my Club take advantage of the attention shift and start capturing more attention?”

The answer is producing original video content.

Original video content is an extremely powerful tool for your country club to start utilizing to build a deeper relationship with current Members and start connecting with potential members.

Country clubs need to start adopting the mindset of becoming a media company. Let me say that again, your Country Club NEEDS to become a media company!

So what exactly does becoming a media company entail?

It means telling your clubs story through micro-content (short videos) easily distributed to your audience to capture attention. As humans, we inherently love to consume stories!

How most clubs communicate with their audience

Most of what I see at clubs now is they use 3 different ways to communicate with their members:

  1. Through a monthly newsletter and flyers
  2. Sending out mass emails to their membership promoting current events
  3. Posting these same flyers on Facebook

While all of these are good methods of communication… it’s just simply not enough. Clubs need to elevate their communication strategy and start breaking through the noise to capture more attention! One way to do this is to start producing original video content.

I’ve had many of conversations with Club GM’s around the subject of video and a common theme is they don’t feel they have the resources or ability to produce video content (in a professional way) and I’m here to tell you… THAT’S COMPLETELY FALSE!

Video content on social is not meant to be the same quality as say a T.V. commercial would be. Social video is meant to be raw, unscripted and natural. So please don’t get caught up in trying to make it absolutely perfect, the key to getting started with video is to not overthink and just start!

Getting Started With Video At Your Country Club

ADVICE: I recommend country clubs start creating micro-content, short-form videos that tell stories.

Some examples would be:

  • Behind the scenes of improvements going on around the Club
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Sharing Member stories
  • Create a talk-show
  • Interviews with staff to get to know them
  • Creating an overview of all your clubs amenities overview
  • Interview the heads of the different organizations in your Club

Looking for a partner that can help your club produce videos on a monthly basis?


Video Partner Services

I always learn best and get more ideas when I see something visually so I wanted to share some of the micro video content we have helped one of our clients start creating. My hope is by sharing some real-world examples, this helps you get your creative juices flowing on some ideas you can implement at your club!

Something to note – all of the videos below (minus the Meet Our Members video) were shot by staff members on an iPhone. They uploaded the video clips and our creative team added some supporting text, background music, and logos to spice them up a bit.

Here is a look at how we helped one of our clients (shout out Eldorado Country Club) implement video at their club! 

This is a 2-minute video we shot that gave the testimonials of 3 different types of members! They use this video to send out to individuals who inquire about membership at the club as the first initial touchpoint in an automated email.
We also leveraged this video and by chopping it up into short 15 – 30 sec ads. We showed younger demos the younger couples testimony and older for demos, we targeted with the older couples video.
We ran these ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Super successful!

This was a club event promo video that was distributed to all members via email & social media.

The analytics on this video was nothing short of amazing!

Download a 2 page PDF with the analytics here >>

FB Video Analytics

A video promoting a Kids focused event!

We boosted this video and targeted members with young children + included a link to drive traffic to a landing page to get Members to sign up to reserve their spot.

A short, fun 30-second video to promote an upcoming event, Lobster & Karaoke Night at the Club! ????????

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