Is there a correct time of day to be posting to your Country Club’s social media pages?

Well… yes and no.

Unfortunately, the answer to this frequently asked digital marketing question isn’t as cut and dry as we’d all like it to be. 

The truth is, the best time to post is going to vary widely based on a few factors including; what platform you’re posting to and who you’re ultimately trying to reach. Meaning what works for someone else isn’t going to necessarily be the best fit for you. 

So how do we find your ideal posting schedule?

What you’re looking to determine is when your target audience is most active on any given platform. After all, your ultimate goal is to have your posts viewed by as many people as possible.

Good news is you’re not the only one trying to answer this question so there is plenty of data available to help you find a good starting point.  

These times are meant to be a general guideline that apply to the vast majority of social media users, not necessarily your target audience.

So setting your posting schedule to these times can be a great way to get started and establish a solid benchmark but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. Post timing is something that is meant to be tweaked with and should gravitate toward the times that your followers are most active.

Keep a close eye one your post analytics provided by the social platforms themselves. For example, Instagram provides “Insights” for their business accounts. Insights provide information on your followers such a demographics, where your followers are based, and when your followers are most active down to the hour.

Additionally finding a well rounded social media management software can take a lot of the leg work out of the equation and provide you more control and in depth analytics. Softwares such as Digital Range’s Range Social provide our users with an easier way to schedule posts, analyze performance and manage all of your club’s social media accounts in one place.

Regardless of when you choose to post to your country club’s social media pages, make sure that you are keeping an eye on your analytics to give your posts the best chance to be successful and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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