Facebook (and social media in general!) can be a confusing place for country clubs and golf courses and it makes sense why. Much like Google, Facebook’s algorithm is always changing and adjusting to the content being put out.

Here is a short breakdown on some of the main things that Facebooks News Feed algorithm looks at when showing love to a post!

What It Loves

  • Posts with high engagement (lots of likes, comments, and shares)
  • Posts that receive a high volume of engagement in a short period of time
  • Posts that receive a high volume of reactions (love, haha, wow, sad, and angry)
  • Posts with links (ideally ones that stay on Facebook)
  • Post types that people are interacting with overtime/often
  • Videos uploaded directly to Facebook that receives a large number of views or extended viewing duration
  • Posts that are timely or reference a trending topic
  • Posts from Pages with a complete profile (the about section, website, cover photo, profile photo, etc.)

Things Not To Do

  • Text-only status’
  • Clickbait
  • Like-baiting
  • Posts that include spammy links
  • Frequently circulated content and repeated posts
  • Posts that are frequently hidden or reported by users (a sign of low quality)
  • Posts that ask for Likes, comments, or shares
  • Posts with unusual engagement patterns
  • Overly promotional content from Pages — pushing people to buy an app or service, pushing people to enter a contest or sweepstakes, posts that reuse the same text from ads


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